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Headline Media Partners

The Engineer

Technology, business and innovation news, analysis and insight. Get the latest engineering news and jobs across all engineering sectors and disciplines.

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Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing Management (MM) celebrates the best of UK manufacturing and the management teams who make our factories world-class.

With 70 years of heritage as Works Management magazine, we aspire to help our readers realise growth in their sites’ productivity and profit through the content we provide in every issue.

From lean management techniques to maintenance via the impending fourth industrial revolution, MM champions the cause of directors and managers in charge of the UK’s world-leading sites, offering them a wealth of best-practice ideas.

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HR Magazine

HR magazine is the leading title for senior HR professionals and business leaders who want insight into and examples into develop high-performing and people-focussed organisations. It prides itself on its daily news, blogs and forums, research, new thinking, best practice and strategic information.

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Although responsible businesses are trying to do the right thing for the environment, navigating today’s energy landscape is very challenging. UK businesses must contend with budget-breaking energy prices, compulsory carbon reporting, binding net zero commitments as well as an ever-more complicated technological landscape.

Fortunately, since 2016, help has been at hand in the form of EMEX, the energy management exhibition. Every year at London’s ExCel exhibition centre, business leaders, energy users and environment & sustainability practitioners meet energy and technology providers.

Now, visitors and exhibitors can connect the rest of the year through EMAG, the magazine of the EMEX show.

EMAG presents the ideas, the discourse and the diversity of EMEX, packaged into three editions per year, launching in May 2023.

Whether you are interested in energy supply, sustainability and climate change, technology or training, EMEX (and now EMAG) are for you.

Strategic Partner

Engineers Without Borders UK

Engineers Without Borders UK is working to reach the tipping point to ensure a safe and just future for all. Part of a global movement of over 60 Engineers Without Borders organisations, we inspire, upskill and drive change in the engineering community and together take action to put global responsibility at the heart of engineering.

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