Accenture partners with Mars to develop Factory of the Future

Source: Manufacturing Management

Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Accenture is working with confectionary, food, and pet care products manufacturer, Mars to transform and modernise its global manufacturing operations with artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, edge technology and digital twins.

The two organisations have been trialing digital twins for Mars’ manufacturing operations since late 2020. Digital twins are virtual representations of machines, products, or processes. Fed with real-time data, they can predict and optimize production processes and equipment performance, from reliability to quality to energy efficiency. Applied to its manufacturing plants, digital twins will enable Mars to simulate and validate the results of product and factory adjustments before allocating time and resources in the physical space.

The companies tested a digital twin to reduce instances of over-filling packages, a common problem in the food industry. The digital twin gave Mars a bird’s-eye view of the production lines at one of its factories in Illinois. The twin fed sensor data from manufacturing machinery into a predictive analytics model, which allowed factory line operators to monitor events in real-time and adjust the filling process. After the successful test, Accenture and Mars introduced the solution across the U.S. and developed similar solutions for its pet care business in Europe and China. 

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