BMW Group re-engineers its waste management systems

Source: Manufacturing Management

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Axil Integrated Services has signed a new contract with BMW Group to re-engineer the automotive giant's waste management systems in a renewed commitment to its sustainability ambitions across its UK plants.

The five-year contract, designed to support BMW Group’s stringent 2030 sustainability targets, will see the waste management specialist introduce changes to chemical, technical, and logistical processes across all manufacturing and corporate sites in the UK, spanning BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce.

These improvements involve several initiatives that deliver real innovation and are designed to optimise the handling, segregation, and management of waste. Axil will capture waste data to allow for improved waste-streams to be traced throughout the entire manufacturing process and develop waste remediation.

Axil’s partnership with BMW Group will continue to implement strategies to support a circular economy, accelerating progress with the introduction of:

• Waste-capturing technology to track and attribute waste to specific areas of the business and better understand where to build in efficiencies.
• A relief mobile operative support team that will staff and man sites, allowing for smooth operation of waste management activities throughout the partnership.

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