Welcome to Engineering Zero

"Engineers and manufacturers are leading lights in the drive for net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, as they are the practical visionaries of the technologies and systems required to support society's transition to a zero-carbon future whilst also deploying, developing, and innovating their own processes to enable the industry as a whole to achieve a net zero operation.

Without engineering, society simply cannot attain net zero! Yet, the industry faces ever-growing challenges to build a sustainable future with the Government and customers demanding new solutions, driven by the climate change and advances in technology and materials. Engineering and manufacturing companies must confront the complexity of a zero-carbon future, overcome multiple challenges, and aggressively innovate if they are to succeed today and in the future.

Progress is hampered by a shrinking skilled workforce, with immediate and longer-term challenges around reskilling and sourcing talent. Digitalisation and the circular economy are changing engineering operations, with smart technology, data analytics and connected devices enabling manufacturers to dramatically increase their efficiency, productivity, and accuracy.  How products are designed, produced, deployed, used, and maintained can be transformed with technologies for driving energy efficient operations. Digital solutions are transforming the operations, processes and energy footprint of factories and supply chains.

The technology, skills, processes, and strategies that engineering organisations must deploy to achieve net zero will be delivered by a programme of eminent industry speakers with structured QandA, networking and peer to peer sharing of solutions."

Chris Beck
Editor, Manufacturing Management
Jon Excell
Editor & Publisher, The Engineer
Jo Gallacher
Editor, HR Magazine